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Mic wiring is a necessary concept to understand when working with any Lectrosonics TA5 input transmitters. The wiring diagrams included in this module represents the basic wiring necessary for the most common types of microphones and other audio inputs you may encounter.

One of the most commonly misunderstood settings on a wireless mic system is the audio input gain setting. Lectrosonics units can be set in 1dB steps and most transmitters provide 44dB of range. This module will discuss setting gain and compensation strategies that you may find useful.

Compatibility modes allow you to connect your receivers to transmitters with various types of transmit modes. There are currently several compatibility modes used within the Lectrosonics product line, as well as  compatibility modes that allow you to connect devices made by other manufactures.  This module will review the options.

The available RF Spectrum for wireless microphones has become far more crowded in the recent years, and we are forced to work with other equipment in a narrower space. This has led many manufacturers to develop different software, applications and technologies to help get the best out of the room available and coordinate frequencies in different uses. This module will discuss ways to find and select optimal frequencies for your application.

Wireless Designer is a key component to setting up multiple frequencies with Lectrosonics equipment. There are many functions available on Wireless Designer. These modules will show you how to use the basic functions of this easy to manage, yet powerful software.